A Vacationing Life – Traveling with children 

We have been planning a trip for months to take the kids to Disneyland, which was to be the first trip that included us taking a plane with the kids. 

I actually feel like an adult now. Packing up kids, managing a plane ride, a shuttle to a hotel, everything. Goes far beyond the simple weekend beach trip.   

 We may have just arrived and sure, my husband forget half of his things, but we will still manage. 

I figured out a few things that worked well for traveling with the kids so far, most I was grateful I thought of ahead of time, others that I wish I would have done. 

So with that said, here are 5 simple tips for traveling with kids to make it as easy and peaceful as possible for your own sanity. 


Tip 1– SNACKS. Lots and lots of snacks. Like, for serious. Bring LOTS. If all else fails, you can throw fruit snacks at your kids to keep them quiet.  


Tip 2– GAMES. For goodness sake figure SOMETHING out. Eye spy, thumb wars, anything they will spend more than three seconds on. Remember, you are going to be waiting an hour or two before you even get ON the plane. Gotta give the boogers something to do so they don’t drive everyone around you insane.  

 Tip 3– TRAVEL LIGHT. Minimize ur carry-ons to make boarding fast and exits even faster. BONUS TIP: If your kid has to pee when your trying to get off, not only will you be grateful you don’t have to get a carry-on down, but people will do their best to let you off the plane in a hurry! 

Tip 4- ENTERTAINMENT. While you can make do without, it never hurts to have some shows downloaded. Whether your a kid OR an adult. Since our flight was just a little over two hours, I decided to chance it with just using the phone for games when it became absolutely necessary. It went alright, but overall I wish I would have brought a Kindle with some cartoons, just for my own sanity. How many times can you say “no, leave the tray alone. No, you don’t need the tray”. I will give you a hint. It’s around a billion. Trust me, bring a Kindle, iPad, anything.

Tip 5- TRANSPORT: If your taking a shuttle, check the times so you don’t have to wait an damn hour for your ride. You have just spent two hours waiting to get on a plane, at LEAST another two ON a plane, and you don’t want to have to sit and wait yet ANOTHER hour with your little hellions who are going CRAZY after at least 4 hours of travel at this point. No matter how well behaved the kids, eventually you will be headed for a breakdown with all the waiting if your not careful! 

So there you have it. 5 simple tips to help you keep your sanity while traveling with kids. 

What have you found works great when traveling, either alone or with your kids? 
And one last tip: always checks your husband’s luggage.