Christmas Blogging Challenge- My Personal Wish List 

I ALWAYS have trouble figuring out what I want for Christmas. I never have any ideas and it drives my husband CRAZY.

My brain always goes blank when I am asked what I want for Christmas. As I go day to day, I might think, hey I need this, or I could use this. But then when I’m asked I can’t remember a thing!

I’m not really into little knick knacks, or fancy purses, or fancy gadgets, so it can be difficult for me to come up with a list.

I thought REALLY hard on what to put on my wish list this year and came up with a COUPLE things, still nothing major, but at least it’s SOMETHING.

So while this may be a little boring, here is:

My Christmas Wish List

1- Pajamas- A pair of cute matching top and bottom pajamas. Because what girl can have enough of those?

2- Canvas and paint- I love to paint as a creative outlet, but usually when the mood strikes I don’t have canvas.

3- MacBook – Now, this is just a total WISH ‘cuz there is no way. But I would love one.

4-Some new clothes- What girl can’t use new clothes?

So while my wish list is rather boring, what it tells me is that ultimately I have everything I need.

I have a roof over my head, my family happy and healthy around me, and food on the table. For these things I am very grateful.


Thanks to StephJ! I’m tagging:


Life with ktkinnes


You can find the rules here! Have fun and happy blogging!

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