Christmas Blogging Challenge-A Fond Childhood Memory

Remember when you were little and Christmas filled you with such excitement and joy? You couldn’t wait for Christmas morning, laying awake in you bed, wishing those sugar plums would hurry up and get in your dreams already so Christmas would be here THAT much faster.

This is EVERY Christmas I can remember. Laying there, just wanting to sleep so the night would seem to go by quicker, but being so excited sleep would elude me.

I’m sure this probably drove my parents crazy.

As a parent, I still have this excitement for Christmas. But now it’s because I cannot WAIT to see my children’s happy, excited faces full of joy on Christmas morning.

What I would like to see on Christmas Eve!

But I no longer have to lay there awake. Now I CAN and WANT to sleep, but now I have children that can’t sleep! Which means I can’t accomplish some of the magic of Christmas until these kids are visited by their sugar plums.

Which means LATE NIGHTS for Christmas Eve!

Despite the fact that I would LOVE to just finish what I need to get done and go to sleep, I am happy in the fact that they have that excitement and joy and wonder at Christmas. I am also understanding of this because, hey, we have all been there as children!

I now know what I did to my parents on Christmas Eve when they were tired and trying to give us a perfect Christmas, staying up super late to put things together because the kids wouldn’t sleep. I am grateful that they gave that to me and grateful that I can do this for my children.

Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like some sleep though……

Merry Christmas!


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