Days in Disneyland

I know this has been a long time coming. I mean, this trip happened in September and I am  just now getting off my butt to tell you about it.

Disneyland!!! We planned this trip FOREVER. Like, for so long that when we started planning, we were to go with my bro-in-law and his girlfriend, and by the time we went, they had broke up and were on friendly enough terms to be able to enjoy the trip together. It was THAT LONG.

It meant that we had that long to look forward to it, but now it’s really sad that it’s over!

Holidays at Disneyland

One of the things that I thought would be cool, but that I actually found a detriment to the trip, was that they were all decorated and things were changed for Halloween.

Space mountain was total crap. Changed mostly to a dark ride, with short increments of an orange-ish light and what is supposed to be an orange colored ghost “chasing” you,  it loses the magic of going light speed in space.

 Haunted mansion was decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas, which was fine except that my oldest, who had been super excited and watching YouTube videos on the haunted mansion, was very disappointed with how it was redone. He was not into the whole Jack Skellington thing.

Next time we go, I will be planning it for no where near a holiday.

A few helpful tips we found while there: 

  • Don’t buy toys or gifts early in the day. Unless you want to haul that crap around all day and pack them on rides. Not cool.

  • No stroller. Do you really want to push a stroller through these crowds only to have to abandon it for rides and try to find it again? The youngest was almost 4 and hadn’t used a stroller in quite awhile so I figured that if he got tired, between the 4 adults we could manage carrying him. My only mistake was that he only wanted me. But I feel like this was still better than having to maneuver a stroller through crowd, and built up those muscles! (Ok for real it was exhausting but still better than a stroller in crowds in my opinion )
  • Switch rider passes ROCK. For some of the rides, the youngest was too small. This meant that one of us could go with the older child, get a switch rider pass (good for 3 people) and the other three adults could go later WHENEVER THEY WANTED. These suckers are good for anytime of day, unlike fast passes which have a specific time you have to use them or they are no good.


My oldest child’s favorite ride, California Screaming
  • Wear good shoes. It’s a lot of walking, especially when carrying a child everywhere. Also, go on any wetter ride and you could be walking in wet shoes the rest of the day. Trust me, you don’t want blisters 2 days in with multiple days to go.

We were in the actually park 5 of the 6 days we were there, with a day off in the middle to rest and hang by the pool.

 This was perfect as by the third day the youngest was so tired he wasn’t even interested in attempting Disneyland again. He continued for the whole rest of the trip saying he didn’t want to go to Disneyland, and that we can always “just go tomorrow” (sorry honey, that’s not how this works).

On a rainy day, we still were out and about riding rides and meeting characters

Overall it was a fantastic trip, with lots of wonderful memories. The kids had fun, the adults had fun and were EXHAUSTED, but it is something we won’t forget.

Only thing is, we now have to save up for it again because the oldest loved it so much.

I just keep promising “when your older”. I figure that’s true enough……


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