Library day

My kids LOVE the library.

However, I tend to forget to return stuff until I have received multiple late notices.

I’m tying to be better about getting them to the library, as it’s great to change out books, look for videos, and it gets them in some play time.

So today, as my husband took the youngest on an errand, I packed up the oldest and headed to the library, overdue books in tow.

Lately we have been focusing more on reading in our homeschool. My oldest will  try to sound out words, but for some reason is having issues with blending the sounds together even though he says all the sounds, so a trip for some new books was needed.

We hadn’t been there long when my husband called to say he was done with his errand and wanted to bring the youngest to meet up.

We have been spending a lot of time at home lately, so it was nice for the kids to get out and do something different.

I know with me working full time, their days are mostly spent at home doing things there with dad, rather than going out.

It’s such a simple thing, going to the library. I need to work on getting them out more, and since the library is free AND close, we really should make this a weekly or bi-monthly outing.

Do you have any tips for getting out with the kids that are low cost? Or any ideas on how to help a child with blending sounds? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Library day

  1. We just moved, and it’s taking us a while to find new friends. We used to belong to a large homeschool group with great activities. But the library is one of our first places we go to every time we move ( yes we have moved quite often in the past, lol) Especially with the younger kids the story times etc are always so great and its easy to make connections. We also have a young gardeners club at the library we joined and at our old once we had science our and lego time ! For blending sounds.. have you heard of reading eggs ? or teach my monster to read ? Teach my monster to read is from the UK, super fun game and actually free. Reading eggs was awesome for my youngest, it helped her a lot to figure out the last bit of reading. It’s not free but worth it. We also use all about spelling , which also teaches all the sounds etc 😀 Hope that helps !


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