Days after Christmas 

Everyone have a good Christmas?

Santa came and ate some cookies!

The days after Christmas are always a little depressing to me. My oldest was even upset on Christmas morning, saying even before he got out of bed that “I will miss Christmas when it’s over!”

We all had a wonderful Christmas, but the next few days following I have been filled with dread of having to take down all the pretty Christmas decorations….. Putting them up is easy. Taking down is the WORST!

Christmas left me sick, probably just from being run down after all the events that occur over only a few days, meaning I have been achy and have had a headache since yesterday.

But it was all worth it for the joy on the boys faces on Christmas. To see them excited to wake up, hear my oldest open his stocking ( which contained a few educational activities) and hear him exclaim “thank you for school work Santa!”, and actually mean it. Because I’m sure in a few years that statement will be more sarcastic.

I was overjoyed with how well behaved both children were through everything and how TRULY grateful for everything they were.

I was amazed to watch them as they opened gifts, not as a free for all as I half expected them to, but slowly, watching each other open, and being so happy for what they or their sibling received.
Overall, it was a wonderful time spent with family, enjoying our time together, and being amazed at our children.

I hope you all had a merry and blessed Christmas, are recovering well, and are ready for the new year!


5 thoughts on “Days after Christmas 

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and your little ones are adorable. I’m with you though. I hate these few days as the magic seems to fade too quickly in my opinion. I’m like a big child myself and desperately try to hang on to it. It’s not working though. The hubby had insisted that the tree comes down tomorrow *sobs* Ah well, it’s nearly New Year yey! Happy 2016 to you and yours. Dawn x


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