Winter in the Pacific North West- The Apocalypse is Coming! 

We don’t tend to get much snow in the Pacific Northwest, but when we do, pretty much everything is late start or shut down.

Light dusting of snow? Everything will be opening 2 hours late. An inch of snow predicted? Quick, everyone run to the store an stock up, the apocalypse is coming!

We aren’t like the Midwest or east coast who know how to continue to function with snow on the ground.

The snow came yesterday, which made the kiddos happy to no end. But as an adult, it kinda screws up any plans you may have had.

This is especially hard on working parents with kids in school as they suddenly have kids home for the day, no babysitter, and most of them are still expected to be at work.

That’s not what my problem is today though. My problem, by comparison, is not much of a problem. But it’s a disappointment.

I had planned on getting my hair cut, have been thinking about it for a LONG time, and FINALLY made an appointment.

The appointment had been set for today. But yesterday, before there was even a light dusting on the ground, my husband starts freaking out about today’s appointment (this is how bad we all freak out about snow and ice).

First is was “your not going”. Then it was “we will pack up the kids and I will take you”. Which is nice, only then we are putting the kids in danger, just so I can get a haircut.

I held out hope that it would warm up.

So this morning, I figured, ok I will run to the store (a block from my house) and see how the road is to determine if I will make my appointment.

I go out to my car, walking on frozen snow. And I find this.

That is about a quarter inch of ice, freezing my door handle shut. This is what ALL of my door handles look like.

So to be on the safe side, I’m going to attempt to reschedule my appointment for tomorrow, once they decide to answer their phone.

And on the bright side, I get the whole day at home with the family, catching up on homeschool after the holidays, and maybe starting a new painting.


Getting to spend the day with this little punk, total WIN

Have a great day and be safe out there!


5 thoughts on “Winter in the Pacific North West- The Apocalypse is Coming! 

  1. I just want to say that’s it’s good to hear other places are like Virginia. I thought we were the only ones to spazz and by up all the bread at the prediction of snow.
    Good luck with your appointment!!

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