You gotta laugh at the bad stuff 

When I got off work last night, I got in my car and checked my phone. I had received a text from my husband that read along the lines of

We have a f***ing leak in the wall of the house 

That is EXACTLY what you want to come home to late at night in the middle of a work week.

I came home and there is water all over the garage floor (great, if it freezes again we can ice skate in the garage) and my husband is cutting into a wall.

After making the wall into Swiss cheese, we found that the insulation in that wall is soaked and moldy, and appears to extend up to the ceiling.


So it’s 9:30, 10 at night, I have no clothes for my workday the next day, no way to take a shower, a sink full of dirty dishes, trying to find our homeowners insurance information to figure out what to do.

We have never had anything like this happen and we weren’t sure how to proceed.

These are the things they should be teaching in high school! What to do when your water breaks(and not because your pregnant). 

So we called Jake at State Farm.

Ok, my claims guy is Joe but that’s close enough. Still starts with a j.

Which leads me to this morning, no sleep, sharing a bed with my children (which means I have about 6 inches of bed to myself), washing my hair with body wash  (I forgot my shampoo), unshaven (forgot my razor), no make up (forgot my makeup), and in the same clothes as yesterday.

Deal with it people.

If I have to share a bed, at least it is with these cuties

I have no idea what the next few weeks may bring, but I trying know we will make it through. I may be makeup less, my hair may end up like crap, and I may be unshaven, but I am here, alive, and relatively heathy

I cried last night out of frustration and irritation, but today, I’m choosing to laugh.

Because crying over it doesn’t fix it and it just gives me puffy eyes. Which trust me, doesn’t do you any favors when you aren’t wearing makeup

It will get fixed, it will just take time, and I am remembering to be grateful it is just one small area, and not the entire house like my neighbors…..

So laugh when things go wrong, especially all in a row (‘cuz this isn’t even HALF of the week I have had) and have a great day!


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