A Protecting Life- Helping your child through hard times

I like to always have a plan and stick to it. I am not a last minute kind of person. But t his last week was particularly hard on my oldest. My work schedule, which is normally the same every week, was all over the place and he couldn’t handle not seeing me like normal. Every night was tears thinking of how he wouldn’t see me in the morning.

I can’t STAND to see my child so sad. I don’t know if it was just that he misses me, or if he has the same personality as mommy, who can’t stand when things don’t go as laid out.

So I knew I had to do SOMETHING special for him. So I booked a last minute beach trip. My kids LOVE the beach, and probably something that the oldest loves even more than that is getting to stay in a hotel.

So I as soon as I got off work, off we went! And he was UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY. It made my heart soar. When your child is hurting, you want to do anything you can to fix it. And for this once, I was able to do that for him.

He LOVED the hotel. I even took him in the pool, which if you knew me, is a HUGE thing as I have a major aversion to public pools. We went to the arcade, shopping, out to eat, and to the beach. Everything I knew he would love. And he enjoyed EVERY minute.


I don’t know what this next week will bring. I don’t know if he will be hurting again, or if he will be able to hold it together during my work week. I know that the problem isn’t solved, but I have done what I could to make it a little better for him by doing something he loves and  spending quality time with him.image

I will continue do my absolute BEST to help him get through the week and make him happy. Because again, my kids are THE MOST important thing. Protecting them and their hearts is something I will never stop doing.

No one wants to see their child hurting. Love your children, protect their hearts, and do all you can for them. Do something to make their day special. Spend some time with them, watch over them, and ENJOY them!


A Protecting Life- The world is hard enough

You can learn so much from children. Especially your own children.

They love and trust you unconditionally. They put their faith in you, never doubting for a second that you will always be there for them. That you will protect them, love them, and meet their needs.

As a parent, we have to try our best to meet their needs, protect the lives we build for them. They are our world and our future.

Sometimes kids learn early that the world isn’t fair. Their parents divorce, maybe they are homeless, or in foster care. The world they knew is gone, and they have to learn to adjust, Though this may lead to anger, hate, distrust, the need for therapy. They will never be the same innocent children again.

I do my best to protect my children and the lives they have. I long for them to grow up happy and healthy, loving and kind, trustful and caring.

I know at some point they will understand that the world we live in is also full of bad people, those who hate, are cruel, commit crimes, destroy lives. I want to protect them from that as long as possible. Because they are my everything. I brought them into this world hoping the best for them.

Their little faces looking at me, telling me they love me, trusting me to keep them safe. I never want to lose that.

I will protect them and the world that they know. Because I want them to CONTINUE to love and trust me unconditionally just as I will always love and trust them unconditionally.

Make sure you tell your children how much you love them. Make sure you do all you can to keep their little hearts and minds safe. Because the harsh reality of the world comes soon enough.