Days in Disneyland

I know this has been a long time coming. I mean, this trip happened in September and I am  just now getting off my butt to tell you about it.

Disneyland!!! We planned this trip FOREVER. Like, for so long that when we started planning, we were to go with my bro-in-law and his girlfriend, and by the time we went, they had broke up and were on friendly enough terms to be able to enjoy the trip together. It was THAT LONG.

It meant that we had that long to look forward to it, but now it’s really sad that it’s over!

Holidays at Disneyland

One of the things that I thought would be cool, but that I actually found a detriment to the trip, was that they were all decorated and things were changed for Halloween.

Space mountain was total crap. Changed mostly to a dark ride, with short increments of an orange-ish light and what is supposed to be an orange colored ghost “chasing” you,  it loses the magic of going light speed in space.

 Haunted mansion was decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas, which was fine except that my oldest, who had been super excited and watching YouTube videos on the haunted mansion, was very disappointed with how it was redone. He was not into the whole Jack Skellington thing.

Next time we go, I will be planning it for no where near a holiday.

A few helpful tips we found while there: 

  • Don’t buy toys or gifts early in the day. Unless you want to haul that crap around all day and pack them on rides. Not cool.

  • No stroller. Do you really want to push a stroller through these crowds only to have to abandon it for rides and try to find it again? The youngest was almost 4 and hadn’t used a stroller in quite awhile so I figured that if he got tired, between the 4 adults we could manage carrying him. My only mistake was that he only wanted me. But I feel like this was still better than having to maneuver a stroller through crowd, and built up those muscles! (Ok for real it was exhausting but still better than a stroller in crowds in my opinion )
  • Switch rider passes ROCK. For some of the rides, the youngest was too small. This meant that one of us could go with the older child, get a switch rider pass (good for 3 people) and the other three adults could go later WHENEVER THEY WANTED. These suckers are good for anytime of day, unlike fast passes which have a specific time you have to use them or they are no good.


My oldest child’s favorite ride, California Screaming
  • Wear good shoes. It’s a lot of walking, especially when carrying a child everywhere. Also, go on any wetter ride and you could be walking in wet shoes the rest of the day. Trust me, you don’t want blisters 2 days in with multiple days to go.

We were in the actually park 5 of the 6 days we were there, with a day off in the middle to rest and hang by the pool.

 This was perfect as by the third day the youngest was so tired he wasn’t even interested in attempting Disneyland again. He continued for the whole rest of the trip saying he didn’t want to go to Disneyland, and that we can always “just go tomorrow” (sorry honey, that’s not how this works).

On a rainy day, we still were out and about riding rides and meeting characters

Overall it was a fantastic trip, with lots of wonderful memories. The kids had fun, the adults had fun and were EXHAUSTED, but it is something we won’t forget.

Only thing is, we now have to save up for it again because the oldest loved it so much.

I just keep promising “when your older”. I figure that’s true enough……


A Fit Life- Motivating Myself With The Misfit Shine

Everyone struggles when it comes to eating right, working out, and trying to be healthy. It isn’t easy. It’s a daily struggle to try to stay away from the junk food (because it tastes so GOOD!) and work out.

I have been actively working toward a healthier lifestyle for the last few years, changing the way I eat and working out more. It is so easy to slip back though.

**This post contains affiliate links. However, all opinions are my own **

Yes, I keep my electronics boxes FOREVER

About a year ago I was looking for some motivation. One of my friends on Facebook posted that they had just gotten a Misfit Shine and they were loving it. The Misfit Shine is a fitness tracker, similar to a Fitbit.

Based on how cute I thought it was (a great way to make decisions, right?) and that she was liking it, I decided to give it a try, and I bought it as a birthday present for myself.

Right now, I am no where near my goal for the day!

That was 10 months ago, and I have worn it almost every day.

So why do I love it so much? Here are some of the features:


  • It is battery operated. No charging required! AND when the battery was starting to die, I received an e-mail telling me it was running low and to enter my name and address and they would send me a free battery! I entered my information, and I received multiple batteries FOR FREE. You don’t even pay shipping. One of my friends that has the Shine received this as well, so it appears to be something they provide at least once!
  • It is waterproof. It can be used while swimming, which is a great benifit if you are a swimmer. I am nervous about using it in water, so I take it off during my shower, but I have had it submerged while doing dishes or draining the bathtub with no ill effects.
  • It is bluetooth. It links with an app on my phone, and it also will pull the information into programs like MyFitnessPal, LoseIt!, Runkeeper, and more!
  • There are multiple ways to wear it. You can wear it on your wrist, attached to your shoe (great for activities like biking), in your pocket, attached to your clothes, there are so many options! There are also many accessories you can by to hook it into. A cute necklace, leather wristband, and different colored sports bands, just to name a few.
  • It functions as a watch. Just double tap and LED lights show you the time.
  • Easily check your progress. I can check how close I am to my goal at any time by double tapping.image
  • It tracks your sleep habits. It is nice to wake up and be able to review how well I slept. It monitors restful sleep, light sleep, and time awake.image
  • The Price– The price on the Shine has come down since I bought it. When I bought it, I paid 91 dollars plus shipping. The price now is only 61-76 dollars depending on what color you want. Mine is now only 67 dollars!


  • There is no heart rate monitor. I wish this was an option.
  • Battery lasts up to 6 months (so they say). With my experience so far, I have had to change it every 4. But with the free batteries, this hasn’t been a problem, and you can buy a 5 pack of replacement batteries on Amazon for only 5.79.

Those are really the only negatives I can think of! Overall I really love this product and it helps motivate me to make all my lights shine.

I have friends who, based on my liking the Shine so much, bought the Misfit Flash. While this is a cheaper option and has some fun colors, I don’t like the feel of the device as much (it is made of a different material) and two of my friends have had their wrist straps break (I am still using the same one that came with mine). The wrist straps seem thicker on the flash, and I don’t know if that is why they broke or if it is just the way they are made (they look a little different than the Shine’s wrist strap).

So there you have it! I love my Misfit Shine. Do you have an activity tracker that you love? Let me know your favorite!

**This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click the link and buy the product, I receive a certain percentage. However, all of my opinions on this product are completely my own and are in no way influenced by this. **